October 9, 2017

RS Club Winners.png

10/9/2017  Winner's List

To claim your prize please email support@rallysquirrel.com with your full name and address.  Prizes will be mailed in approximately 10-15 business days. 

Fred Gaffron:  Autographed Piscotty 8x10 Photo

Sheryl Taylor: St Louis Cardinals Fidget Spinner

Christopher Neal: Aledmys Diaz T-Shirt

October 2, 2017

RS Club Winners.png

10/2/2017  Winner's List

To claim your prize please email support@rallysquirrel.com with your full name and address.  Prizes will be mailed in approximately 10-15 business days. 

Charlene Downen:  Autographed OH 8x10 Photo

Linda Daesch: Aledmys Diaz T-Shirt

Scot Holly: RS Exclusive T-Shirt

August 2016 Winners

1: Autographed Brandon Moss Photograph

Lynn Hartke

2: Autographed Edwin Jackson Photograph

Kevin Edmunds

3: Autographed Gerald Laird

Michael Williams

4: Autographed Jason Isringhausen

Amber Stallard

5: Autographed Kyle McClellan Photograph

Stan Valentine

6: Autographed Mark Reynolds Photograph

Marsha Robbins

7: Autographed Matt Adams Photograph

Karen Terry

8: Autographed Octavio Dotel Photograph

Brian Cannon

9: Autographed Tyler Lyons Photograph

Wayne Hibbeler

10: Autographed Whitey Herzog Photograph

Bradley Reid

11: Autographed Trevor Rosenthal Photograph

Calie Wilson

12: Autographed Greg Garcia OMLB

Phil Money

July 2016 Winners

1: Carlos Martinez Autographed Photo

Thomas Mohr

2: Chris Carpenter Autographed Photograph

Susan McMillian

3: Jose Oquendo Autographed Photograph (11x14)

Gabriel Harris

4: Marco Gonzales Autographed Photograph

Tamra Coonce

5: Nick Greenwood Autographed Photograph

John Hinklin

6: Carlos Martinez Autographed Photograph 2 (11x14)

Cathy Dietrich

7: Pat Neshek Autographed Photograph

Patricia Ketterer

8: Randal Grichuk Autographed Photograph

Tracy Shirley

9: Randy Choate Autographed Photograph

Barry Sowell

10: Seth Maness Autographed Photograph

Scott Deuel

11: Carlos Martinez Autographed OMLB

Matthew Helser

12: Tyler Lyons Autographed Photograph

John Warner

June 2016 Winners

1: Autographed Jhonny Peralta Photograph

Steve Shick

2: Autographed Pat Neshek Photograph

Brenda Stamer

3: Autographed Peter Bourjos Photograph

Tamra Coonce

4: Autographed Tyler Lyons Photograph

Shannon Lanham

5: Autographed Jason Isringhausen Photograph

Joshua Butler

6: Autographed Carlos Martinez Photograph

Lisa McKinnie

7: Autographed Jose Oquendo Photograph

Steven Pigg

8: Autographed Marco Gonzales Photograph

Carol Meyer

9: Autographed Jim Edmonds OMLB

Jim Brown

10: Autographed Carlos Martinez Photograph (2)

Brenda Conly

11: Autographed Chris Carpenter Photograph

Seth Grabher

12: Autographed Red Schendiesnt Photograph

Matthew Helser

May 2016 Winners

1: Autographed Jhonny Peralta Photograph

Judith Butler

2: Autographed Randal Grichuk Photograph

Dustin Lambeth

3: Autographed Whitey Herzog Photograph

Mark Wilson

4: Autographed Rick Ankiel Photograph

Lindsey Clarida

5: Autographed Peter Bourjos OMLB

Matthew Helser

6: Autographed Jose Oquendo Photograph

Carol Heischmidt

7: Autographed Nick Greenwood OMLB

Sharon Weddle

8: Autographed Chris Carpenter Photograph

Mary Godar

9: Autographed Brandon Moss Photograph

Josh Lyman

10: Autographed Brandon Moss Photograph 2

Isaiah Wills

11: Autographed Carlos Martinez Photograph

Shirley Hutinger

12: Autographed Arthur Rhoades 2011 World Series OMLB

Gabriel Harris

April 2016 Winners

1: Autographed Chris Carpenter Photograph

Mara Minarik

2: Autographed Octavio Dotel Photograph

Connie Robertson

3: Autographed Chris Carpenter All-Star Game OMLB

Christopher Cline

4: Autographed Fredbird OYO

Charles Ketterer

5: Autographed Nick Greenwood Photograph

Mark Wilson

6: Autographed Randal Grichuk Photograph

Tammy Barbre

7: Autographed Carlos Martinez Photograph

Amy Casper

8: Autographed Mike Matheny OMLB

Christine Bradley

9: Autographed Red Schoendienst Photograph

Barbara Lykins

10: Autographed Arthur Rhoades Photograph

James Griswold

11: Autographed Michael Wacha All-Star Game OMLB

Pat Gaw

12: Autographed Trevor Rosenthal Photograph

Gail Kimmle

March 2016 Winners

1: Carlos Martinez Autographed Photo

Joyce Best

2: Fredbird Autographed Photo

Kathryn Gist

3: John Jay Autographed Photo

Nancy Durchholz

4: John Ramsey Autographed OMLB

David Price

5: Pete Kozma/Shane Robinson Autographed Photo

Kristy Stolp

6: Marco Gonzales Autographed Photo

Lynn Hartke

7: Matt Adams Autographed Photo

Michael Smith

8: Pat Neshek Autographed Photo

Thomas Mohr

9: Randal Grichuk Autographed Photo

Wesley Romanotto

10: Randy Choate Autographed Photo

Lisa McKinnie

11: Sam Freeman Autographed Photo

Paula Heberer

12: Whitey Herzog Autographed Photo

Wayne Hibbeler

13: St. Louis Cardinals Bracelet

Steven Pigg

February 2016 Winners

1: Autographed Brandon Moss Photograph

Angie Byerline

2: Autographed Carlos Martinez Photograph

Brenda Conley

3: Autographed Greg Garcia Photograph

Erick Danielson

4: Autographed Jason Isringhausen Photograph

Adam Henry

5: Autographed Kevin Siegrist Photograph

Catherine Kaestner

6: Autographed Brandon Moss Photograph 2

Lisa Valentine

7: Autographed Mark Reynolds Photograph

William Pyatt

8: Jose Autographed Oquendo Photograph

Mark Wilson

9: Autographed Jason Isringhausen Photograph 2

Nina Bruce

10: Autographed Octavio Dotel Photograph

Juan Arocho

11: Autographed Taylor Lyons Photograph

Susan McMillian

12: Autographed Randy Choate Photograph

Casey Hall