Episode 17

We're only a few short weeks away from the Pitchers and Catcher playing catch in Jupiter. Bengie Molina tells us how he would handle our up and coming star, Alex Reyes, coming off of injury. What is best for the Redbirds and for the career of Reyes.  AND...what about the Brew Crew?  Have they truly made themselves better with their recent additions in free agency?  Bengie also answers a bunch of fan questions in our weekly "Ask Bengie" segment.   Plus, find all the weekly winners below.   Enjoy! 



1/29/2018  Winner's List

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Paul Vasquez: Live Call In With Bengie Molina On The Rally Squirrel Report

Zeke Cernea: Cardinals player t-shirt

Rebecca Walch:  Autographed Bengie "Molina" Book