Episode 19

There will be baseball this week!  Well, pitchers and catchers are reporting alongside the Cardinals trucks carrying 18 tons of goods.  Bengie and Nate talk about what it's like getting ready for the next seven weeks, are the Cardinals done in free agency, and what we're really excited about headed into the spring.  The optimism reset button is upon us all as fans of the Cardinals.  Plus, Bengie answers fan questions and our weekly prize giveaways.    



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2/12/2018  Winner's List

To claim your prize please email support@rallysquirrel.com with your full name and address within 30 days. Prizes will be mailed in approximately 15-20 business days after confirmation.

Carl Reynolds: Aledyms Diaz T-Shirt

Thomas Glowczski: Rally Squirrel T-Shirt

Joshua Coleman: Crack Jack Party Pack