Episode 26

A nice little run in Cincy has the Cardinals playing well and looking strong headed into Chicago to face the rival Cubs. Today's game is postponed as have many other games in the start of the season.  Bengie provides an insider perspective on how players respond to days off and postponed games.  Also, Jim, Nate, and Josh ask Bengie to play manager against the Cubs. Jim introduces a new segment when we play the Cubs called "Cub To Stink!"  

Plus, a HUGE announcement on an awesome prize coming up. The weekly prizes are below as always.   Leave a comment sharing what you enjoyed on today's show. Go Cardinals!    


4/16/2018  Winner's List

To claim your prize please email support@rallysquirrel.com with your full name, address and the prize you won within 30 days. Prizes will be mailed in approximately 15-20 business days after confirmation.

Autographed Molina Hat: John Osterhout 

Autographed Molina T-Shirt:  Dennis Linck