Episode 24

Well, we're 3 games into a long season so let's not make too much or what we've seen or have not seen.  How important is it really for players to Get Off To A Hot Start?  Dexter enchanted the fans with a series of "I'll get a hit" tweets following his 0-13 start.  What about the umpires? Do they get a "start of the season" break? Bengie shares his experiences and thoughts at the beginning of his 13 MLB seasons. Bengie also shares some secrets on what he used to communicate to the umpires underneath the mask--fascinating and full of laughter!   Plus, your Weekly Rally Squirrel Prizes including an autographed Paul DeJong Autographed Bat!   


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4/2/2018  Winner's List

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Autographed Paul DeJong Bat: Tamela Goodrich 

St Louis Cardinals T-Shirt: Blake Webb

LIVE Call in with Bengie Molina on the Rally Squirrel Podcast: Brenda Stringer