Episode 29

A nice weekend series against the Cubs left us all feeling giddy about the Cardinals.  Should there be cause for concern however with Yadi out and the lack of offensive production from some of our everyday players.  Bengie provides a health update on his brother Yadi and gives us his expected timetable for his return. The roundtable gets a bit fired up over some of the bats in the lineup and how we think the Cardinals should handle it moving forward.  Should Matheny bench Carpenter....Fowler?    It's a spicy one Cardinals Nation.   Plus, all of your fan prizes...and the Autograph Yadier Molina Jersey will be awarded next week!  

Carpenter Out.jpg


5/8/2018  Winner's List

To claim your prize please email support@rallysquirrel.com with your full name and address within 30 days. Prizes will be mailed in approximately 15-20 business days after confirmation.

Autographed Molina Hat:  Tim Murray 

2 Game Tickets Home or Away (if outside of the St Louis area): Linda Basnett

Cardinals T-Shirt: Shelley Corbitt