Episode 35

The Cubs lost 4 in a row to the Reds, but those games don't count right?!   Jim, Bengie and Nate discuss the "Hot Mess" that is the circling circus around The Big 3 Ms.  Mo, Matheny, and Mabry...where does the finger get pointed towards.   Should Mabry be fired?   Bengie provides some excellent player and manager insight into the tough coaching scenarios along the organization.  And what about Talent?  Perhaps the real question is the the talent level of the hitters in the lineup.   All this plus your weekly prizes.  




6/26/2018  Winner's List

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Live Call in With Bengie Molina:  Dorthy Arbet 

Autographed Player Photo: oseph Howenstein 

Cardinals Premium T-Shirt:  Ron Nuttall