Episode 42

Dexter Fowler?   Where is he...has anyone seen Dexter?  It's come to our attention that Mr. Fowler has been absent from the dugout and the team...but where is he?   Bengie provides some player insight on the process of the DL.  You may be surprised. The Cardinals have put themselves in the competition and the race for the playoffs.  Are you convinced that the Redbirds can sustain the grind to the finish.  Jim, Nate and Josh tackle the questions of sustainability and the probable chances of the Cardinals playing meaningful games down the stretch,  Plus your weekly fan prizes. Thanks for listening!  If you're enjoying the show, please share it with others.   Go Cardinals! 



1: Live Call in On the Rally Squirrel Podcast: DOROTHY ARBET 

2: Cardinals T-Shirt: Linda Basnett 

3: 2 Game Tickets: Fred Gaffron