Episode 13

Stanton is a Yankee and the Cardinals have not provided any fireworks yet.  But, should they be doing something big right now?  We talk with Bengie and discuss the next steps for the Birds on the Bat.  Bullpen vs Bats?  Plus, Bengie provides a wonderful update from Puerto Rico and the excellent work of Yadier and Bengie and their family.  Wow.  Plus, we welcome in Chris Lollis from Cardinals Nation 24/7.  Join us on this special episode as we go around the horn discussing the Cardinals possibilities during the winter meetings.  We have a couple incredible prizes this week too and a special Christmas gift opportunity for you from Dugoutmugs.com.   

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12/11/2017  Winner's List

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Shelly Carter: St Louis Cardinals Dugout Beer Mug

Stan Jones: St Louis Cardinals Hoodie