Episode 12

There are always fish in the sea...right?  As a player, how does emotion play into a major decision to sign a huge contract?  We're still waiting to see if Mr. Stanton will say YES to Cardinals Nation.   Does Bengie Molina think that the Cardinals should make sure that Stanton is a Cardinal.  One thing is certain, the Redbirds have the money if they want to get it done.   Is the pride of Cardinals history enough to persuade Staton to sign the dotted line in St Louis?   It's getting super interesting in the Stanton sweepstakes.   Come on over Mr. Stanton.     Plus, this week's RS Club prizes and more.   Enjoy!


12/5/2017  Winner's List

Stacy Shonkwiler: Live Call In "Ask Bengie" on our weekly podcast.  

Josh Sanfilippo: Aledyms Diaz T-Shirt